Give Greater Gifts: Men’s Holiday Gift Guide


Give Greater Gifts: Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping local this holiday season is an amazing way to give unique gifts, while supporting local artists and designers. Here are our local picks for the men in your life. Pick them up at Greater Goods Tuesday – Sunday every week.

1.) Mis-Matched Socks by Friday Sock Co.

Socks are the perfect gift for any guy, and here’s why: everybody needs socks. Necessity aside, Friday Sock Co. has an awesome selection of quirky socks with different mismatched designs. Choose from awesome combos like pipes and mustaches, canoes and paddles, pineapples and palm trees, and about a dozen more.  Adam’s socks are ethically made in Italy, using 100% cotton. Socks run for $16 a pair – making them the perfect secret santa gift, stocking stuffer, or an add on to anything else!

2.) Tentacle + Nautical Mugs by Salty Sea Dog Designs

Super awesome design? Check. Room for a MASSIVE amount of coffee? Check. Salty Sea Dog Designs make the most incredible mugs – hand-thrown, and finished with amazing hand-drawn or sculpted details – these have all the markings of a new favourite mug. Nautical mugs are $39, and tentacle mugs are $49.

3.) Upcycled Cutting Boards by AdrianMartinus

The two brothers behind AdrianMartinus do some seriously cool woodworking. One of our favourite items are the upcycled cutting boards featuring different colours of wood and veins of repurposed skateboard. Yes, you read that correctly. These go for $80, and come with all the care instructions to keep your new board looking fresh.

4.) Leather Wallets by Populess

There’s nothing quite like a classic leather wallet: stylish, sturdy, and functional. These handcrafted wallets make the perfect gift for anyone – but are especially good for the guy still using a Velcro wallet. It’s time to move on. Choose from 3 styles, with prices ranging from $49 to $68.

5.) Coffee from Calgary Heritage Roasting Co

If you haven’t tried CHRC, you’re seriously missing out. CHRC is Calgary’s newest coffee roaster and are quickly becoming everybody’s new favourite. Grab them a 1 lb bag of roasted beans, or for the DIYer, we carry green (unroasted) beans so you can give roasting a shot. Don’t worry, Mike and Jamie have all the instructions online. Roasted beans run $18-$22, and green $10-$14.

6.) Coffee Scrub by Mint & Daisy

Exfoliating is not just for women! The men in your life will love this coffee scrub – coarsely ground coffee makes for a pleasantly scratchy exfoliant, and smells unbelievable. The best part is, it’s all natural, so there are no harmful chemicals on your body, or going down the drain. $16.50 for 8 oz.

7.) Cork Wallets by Majesty Industries

A vegan-alternative to a leather wallet for the animal  lovers in your life! These wallets are stylish, functional, and have loads of room for cards and cash. They come in a variety of different colours, so you’re sure to find the style you need! At $30, they’re super affordable as well.


Stay posted for the next section in our Give Greater Gifts series – gifts for women!

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